Looking back at the life and time of my father, Pastor Julius Olayinka Olamilokun, the Baba Ijo of Christ Apostolic Church Araromi Ilesa, Orisun Iye Zone,  invoked the title of this Home Page, The Enigmatic and Charismatic Evangelist.  The piece was first published in my blog.  It is true that the prophets are not recognized in their own cities but it is important for me to write for posterity on the little I know about this enigmatic and charismatic evangelist with immeasurable courage supported by faith in very challenging situations.  Empowered by the modifications sent to me by my sister, Mrs Odunayo Ojo, I reviewed my earlier blog and I hope this would be a template for a chapter on the subject in my own book 'The Sunny Side of the SEA.'

Pastor Julius Olayinka Olamilokun was born into the Loro Alaje Family of Egbeidi Ilesa in August 1917 at Ilesa. His Father is from the same lineage as the Famosinpes, Fadahunsis of Ilesa.  He was a cousin to the first Governor of Western Region Sir Odeleye Fadahunsi. His Father Omole Faturoti died when he was just 6 years.  He was raised by his mother, Madam Maria Aina Olamilokun of the Osunmu Family of Aragan, (now Araromi) Ilesa. His siblings were Madam Jaiyeoba (Iya Elelubo), Alice Tinuola (Mama Elere or Mama Atujeere), Madam Ajireloja (aka Iya Aladie),  Mr Amos Faturoti, Madam Abigael Aluko Ajewole (Mama Inishan). 

Julius was baptized in 1930 and remained a committed Christian till death. He also encouraged his nephews and nieces such as Pa David Olu Ajireloja to be committed to Christ. His early spiritual life was mentored by his uncle, Catechist Osungboun who got him raised in the Anglican Church and saw him through primary school reaching Standard 4.  The young Julius was very passionate about religion but had to join the Osomalo trade due to his fancy for the riding of bicycle which was the insignia of those in the osomalo trade at that time. He followed his uncle Mr Faseyiku as an apprentice trader and later worked at Epe where he was a member of the choir at Anglican Church Epe.  The young Julius came to Ilesa as it was the custom in those days to pick a wife for himself. He suddenly fell sick and received healing through the prayers of men of God from the Christ Apostolic Church.  He was one of the founding members of the Christ Apostolic Church Aragan (now Araromi) where he worshipped till he died and later became an elder, Patron and Pastor. Throughout his spiritual life, he believed strongly in the efficacy of prayers and healing without medicine as laid down by Pastor Ayo Babalola. As a young boy he was alive when the healing and miracles of Oke Oye took place in 1930.  His motto was ‘Adura Lebo’. He died peaceful in his residence, BP 19 Egbeidi Ilesa in  2002.


Pastor Olamilokun was a passionate member and played many parts during his lifetime. As a founding member of CAC Aragan, he played active parts in the development of the Church in early 40s and was a staunch member all through that decade. According to the testimony of one of his children, Baba was the Choir Master of the CAC Aragan in the late 50s and early 60s.  He was an astute composer of Christian songs and choruses. He composed the song for the burial outing of his own mother, Madam Maria Aina Olamilokun who was a strong member of CAC Aragan and died on 2nd March 1960. Baba was also the Secretary of CAC Aragan during the time and he worked harmoniously with all men of God posted to the Church. The Late Pastor GO Adebiyi was a catechist then and he was well assisted by Baba in the CAC Aragan vineyard.  Baba was known throughout the Ijesaland for his passion for God’s work.  He was the Treasurer of Ilesha District under Pastor Adedeji of Okesa and later Pastor Thomas of Ilesa District Okesa. No wonder during the naming of one of his children (09/01/1961), Pastor Thomas the DS (Okesa), Cathecist Adedeji (Okesa) and Catechist Adebiyi ( Aragan) were present..

The very active and dynamic Julius wanted to go abroad for greener pasture but was deterred because he couldn’t afford to leave his aged mother unattended.  The demise of his mother at the ripe age of 84 years encouraged him to travel.  His nephew, Mr Johnson Oke Faseyiku, the son of his uncle he went to Epe with was already in Dutsen Wai, Zaria. Baba then followed him to the place to begin the osomalo trade.  There was no Christ Apostolic Church in Dutsen Wai in the early 60s.  In fact the only Church there was a Baptist Church.  Baba worshipped in the Baptist Church Dutsen Wai at the time Rev Feyisetan was the District Superintendent of First Baptist Sabongari Zaria. The Osomalo trade took Baba to many places in Kano, Plateau and Kaduna States. Despite the movements to and from Dutsen Wai by bicycles, Baba would always return home on Sunday for worship. However when he was outside Dutsen wai, he worshipped at any Christian church at Karefa, Dogowa, Rurue, Banki  Anchau and other places where ECWA churches  were present.  While trading, Baba was also evangelizing.  The beginning of every month was a special day in the village of Dutsen Wai.  Baba would gather his family and those who believed in him for prayers on mountain top. 

The beginning of every year was even phenomenal. It was a day of prayer on the mount with fasting. The efficacy of such prayers resulted in many miracles as barren women became pregnant and many healing received.  There were numerous street evangelisms in Dutsen Wai on Sundays which climaxed in the invitation of Pastor Oyesola of the CAC 7 Williams Street Sabongari Zaria for a revival.  After this revival, many souls were baptized in October 1964. One of the children of Baba also got baptized. It was after this revival that our father founded the Christ Apostolic Church Dutsen Wai. Some of the early young members of the Church at Dusten Wai was our father, Pastor Michael Olufadeju. As a result of the instability in the North with its attendant security problems in 1966, Baba relocated to a bigger city of Zaria and joined the Christ Apostolic Church Sabongari Zaria. He was requested by the minister in charge, to become the choir master in 1967.  He got his son to train as an organist to assist him when Brother Opadere, the organist left. Baba worshipped at CAC Williams Street as an active elder and brought in many of his family members and spiritual children to worship in the same Church.

Throughout his sojourn in the North, Baba was a rallying point for all Ijesa in Diaspora who were members of Christ Apostolic Church.  They rallied round all members for the Egbe Itesiwaju omo Ijesa CAC.  Some of the notable members were Pastor Olufadeju and Pastor Olasebikan. Baba  was always in touch with CAC Araromi Ilesa and the ministers in charge.  He retired from service as an entrepreneur and Managing Director of Lokun Books and Stationery Stores in 1983 and returned home to Christ Apostolic Church Araromi.  He was honoured with the Baba Ijo title and later got ordained as a pastor in fulfillment of his dream. Baba was a custodian of history of CAC in Ijeshaland as he published a book on the same topic which was introduced by the erstwhile General Evangelist of CAC, Pastor DO Babajide. He mentored many pastors during his lifetime but was also ordained in 1990 to fulfill his long time dream.  He also performed the holy pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1983 with his favorite cousin, Madam Ibironke (mother of Chief Babatunde Ibironke former Director of Nigerian Law School and wife of Obanla of Ilesa).


Pastor Julius Olayinka Olamilokun was a friend to men of God.  He assisted them and he worked with them for the improvement of their ministries.  Some of the men of God that Baba related with till death were Pastor J Medayese, Pastor DO Babajide, Pastor T Obadare, Pastor Adefidipe, Pastor Adedeji, Pastor Adembawa, Pastor Oyesola, Pastor Andre, Pastor Feruke, Pastor Obiwale, Pastor Olufadeju and Pastor G Babatope and Pastor Arijesudade to mention a few. All pastors and elders should make efforts to emulate this virtue by cooperating and working closely with men of God in their churches.

Baba believed strongly in the preaching of Christ on the supremacy of Love.  While he practised this in his relationship with his extended family, friends and fellow church members, he eschewed bitterness in all its ramification. He believed strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit as epitomised by wisdom, knowledge, discernment, faith, healing, prophecy, miracles, speaking in tongues and interpretation. He brought many people who were not even related to him blood to become his children.  Some of them, like the Fasuyis, Ajilores, Awonusis, Akintoyes and Babatopes were not too young to him but they proudly referred to me as ‘my father’. He realised very early that all was vanity and imbibed the spritualism in the fruits of the spirit as in  Galatians 5 v 22. While reviewing this charismatic evangelist’s the Church he left must return to the love of old as explained by showing joy, love, faith, perservarance, meekness and goodness in all we do.

Another lesson learnt from Baba is the spirit of forgiveness.  Baba was ready to forgive any wrongdoings and believed in bringing people together.  He was a rallying point for conflict resolutions in the Church during his time. All Christians should emulate Christ by solving problems rather than creating problems for men of God.

The prayer life of Baba was indicative of the prayer warriors of old. He was a member and sometimes patron of Prayer Warriors in Churches that he worshiped. His popular chorus, Adura Lebo Mi, was as a result of his prayerful life. Prayers and Fasting were common tools he used to surmount many challenges of life.  Use of water and dry fasting were prominent among the methods adopted for spiritual healing and miracles. As a result of his prayer life, he encouraged many of his family members and friends to join the Christ Apostolic Church.  Members of Christ Apostolic Church should revive their prayer lives to rekindle the faith of old which emphasized healing without use of medicine.

Baba did not believe that Christianity was only for good time.  In hard times, he did not deny his God.  When he lost his first son in 1992, he took all with faith and moved on.  One sad incident happened during the harvest of 1959 while he was announcing those to come forward for thanksgiving in CAC Aragan. He was told he had just lost a son in the mission house.  He calmly directed his mother and family to proceed home without creating unnecessary diversions and continued with the announcement to conclude the harvest. It was a demonstration of faith in God. Baba was fond of singing in hard times. In fact he could compose anthems and choruses to suit every situation.  He knew almost all the hymns in the Gospel Hymn Book by heart and he could sing in varying tones to praise God.  We as Christians should fight on but we must keep rejoicing as admonished by Apostle Paul in Phillipians 4 v 4.

Hear the victors who o’ercame;
Still they mark each warrior’s way;
All with one clear voice exclaim,
“Watch and pray.”


Baba left this sinful world in 2002.  Prior to his demise, Pastor Julius Olayinka Olamilokun worshipped in the Church and used the occasion to commission the door which he  provided single-handed.  It was an emotion-laden valedictory for the Church he loved so much.  Like Apostle Paul, Papa would wish us to remember Philippians 4 v 8 and 9 and stand by it and I quote…. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Baba  has many siblings and cousins.  However, it is not possible to get the tree drawn to indicate how each is related to him.  It is desired that brothers and sisters in the Olamilokun Dynasty should identify each other from this page, if  possible.  For instance, Ajireloja's link leads to Christiana Yetunde Ajiroloja's Facebook Page while that of Adejoke links to the facebook page of Kehinde Grace Olaleye the daughter of Adejoke.  Adejoke is one of the daughters of Alice Tinuola (aka Iya Elere) while Ajireloja is a son of Mama Aladie.  In essence, Both Yetunde Ajireloja and Kehinde Grace Olaleye are blood sisters (cousins).   A strong analysis of the links in the page would show many of Papa's children; The Olarewajus, The Baloguns, The Akintoyes, The Faturotis and many more will be included as when necessary.  Pastor JO Olamilokun was a quintessential Christian and when he was alive he did not stop in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. He loved the gospel hymns and taught his children to do the same. The 'Gospel Hymn' link on this page is produced by his son for free download by all Christians to propagate the good news of Jesus Christ.  In another vein, the Good News provided in 'CAC Good News' are spiritual messages from the altar by renowned preachers where the son worshiped Please download these and read them at your leisure for the kingdom of God is at hand.  There is the Gospel E-Hymn Book prepared by Elder SEA Olamilokun which you can also download for free.  The hymns are rich in lyrics and the Good News are down to earth spiritual messages meant to prepare you for heaven. The journey may be long or short but we must make heaven.  Use the narrow path and avoid the very broad one.  There are 2 paths to choose from, the path to heaven or the path to hell.  I am imploring you my brothers and sisters, choose heaven and to do this Read Galatians 5 v 22 for the fruits of the spirit. Also, in all our earthly activities we must remember to make 'The Kingdom First' (Matthew 6 v 33). 

Elder SEA Olamilokun

Page Provided by Commodore SEA Olamilokun (Nigerian Navy Retired), Elder CAC and the Deputy Patron - Baba Ijo CAC Araromi (Orisun Iye Zone) Ilesa